Monitoring and Diagnosis System

Remote Monitoring System of Wind Turbine CX-300

  • - According to GL(Germanischer Lloyd, Germany classcification)
      Guideline 2007
  • - Monitoring to vibration and rotation speed for Main shaft, Gear box,
      Generator, Tower
  • - Attached each channels A/D convertor and synch. sampling to input
  • - Make possible to condition monitoring of addition parameter for oil
      contamination, thermal camera, fire watching, etc
  • - On real time monitoring for main factor by the machine train diagram
  • - Make possible to automatic diagnosis by diagnosis algorithm
  • - Expecting to life term for machine and facility by function of thermal
  • - Setting up defect frequency for object facility and machine by
      constructed various bearing DB
  • - To provide to a customer as regularly report of condition for occurred
  • - Make possible to total monitoring as related system of SCADA for
      wind plant
  • - Make possible to supply customized system for effectively remote

Products Information

CX-300 is monitoring system for main parts (Turbine shaft, Gear box, Generator Tower, etc) for wind power on real-time. It has checked to trouble factors by diagnosis of systems and then it is promptly possible to inform to system user when it will be occurred troubles for wind power.

This system shall be prepared to function of vibration monitoring by against to fire and safety accidents, as well as the system have built up optimizing monitoring system of added thermal camera, oil contamination sensor, fire watching sensor. Now SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system have supplied different data each maker of wind power plant, so it have not clearly controlled data control and total monitoring. Then, we have developed the total solution of monitoring system by related SCADA data, in order to have resolved trouble of SCADA system.

RECTUSON Co., LTd.'s system is possible to remote monitoring for wind power of customer by remote monitoring and diagnosis system. Also, we have provided to customer the regularly checking report for system of wind power. And then, if it will be occurred troubles and alarm for the system, we will have supplied to trouble factors and report of diagnosis and will be supported to maintenance of system.

Feature and compositon

system composition

▶ Picture of Terminal▶ Screen of S/W

Software display

Unification control for Wind Park by total data server is possible to control on remote site. Anywhere on Wind Park, Customer is possible to do monitoring of system easier and more convenient at customer's seat. CX-300 is possible to multi-connect to unification data server for site and remote monitoring of system, and it must have protected more to safety by controlled ID, password, using connecting IP address of customer.
Unification data server for CX-300 is possible to control and monitoring by interlocked with "Wind Monitor" for unification monitoring system of Wind Park of RECTUSON such as system condition, wind speed, output of power, RPM, temperature, pressure. Moreover, it is expected that wind power plant will improve to productivity by trouble decrease, running time increase through to effectively trouble analysis, forecasting diagnosis, remote control.

Approved (Certificated) System

 ◎ Seleced "Delevopment designated product" by Korea Southern Power Plant on Aug. 2012

- Han-Kyung wind power 2nd stage 8, 9 unit
- Fulfillment of KOSPO cooperative R&D business
- R&D Term: 2009.12.01 ~ 2011.11.30 (24M)
- Result : Excellent grade !
- Oct, 2012 : Development designated product
- Sep, 2012: Expanded setup for whole system


[ Jeju Island International wind power monitoring center ; system operating screen ]